Mobile Chemistry Framework

Mobile Chemistry Framework

Accufab worked with a Cornell University chemical and biomolecular engineering professor to build a mobile test lab where students can create and monitor processes in order to get hands on experience with processing equipment.
Accufab built the frame and stainless steel process piping, working with the professor to develop and modify design aspects to support additional equipment.

Pneumatic Stapler

Pneumatic Box Stapler

Accufab worked with a worldwide industrial manufacturer and service provider to develop a box stapling machine that would improve operator ergonomics over a single handheld stapler and reduce downtime accidents by eliminating the employee's hand contact with the stapler.

The air-operated staplers are custom-designed to automatically actuate when the box is inserted into the machine, applying two staples; one on each side of the box.  The box is then pulled back, rotated 90 degrees and reinserted to apply the last two staples.

Several of these machines are now in use.

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