AccuFab has been designing and fabricating industrial equipment for more than 30 years. We have taken the initiative in developing, along with our industrial clients, a variety of approaches to address complex issues such as manufacturing processes, machine guarding, material handling and acoustical sound requirements. As a result of our successful experiences in this area we are presently in a position to offer potential clients a formidable understanding of as well as a variety of practical solutions to their needs.

Our production experience includes but is not limited to the following:

Equipment: Guards, stands, frames, pneumatics and hydraulics

Materials Handling: Mechanized dumpers and hoppers, power and gravity rollers, conveyors (including magnetic), fluid containment tanks, vacuum chambers, parts conveyance chutes (including mechanized), and acoustic enclosures

Machines: Specialty geared toward addressing safety, ergonomics and efficiency.  Our machines are designed with process improvement and your cost savings in mind.

General: Catwalks, platforms, stairs, ladders, safety rail, existing equipment repair and modification.



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