No matter the industry or sector of the economy safety is always a primary concern.  We have a great deal of experience in designing and manufacturing custom guarding that meets a variety of criteria.  Simply keeping the operator safe is often not the only issue that needs to be solved when designing a guard.  Often times the unit needs to not only fit the machine, but also must not interfere in the manufacturing process.  Machines need to be maintained and millrights must be allowed to easily accomplish this task.  If guards do not allow for maintenance they are often taken off or improperly modified.   That's why we always interview maintenance to ensure their requirements are being met before designing the guard.  Materials conveyance is another issue.  Parts still need to move from point A to B and guarding must not interfere with this process.  AccuFab has designed a variety of guards for many different industrial clients and it's our wholelistic approach to solving issues has made us successful in meeting our client's needs.

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