Fish Sculpture

It's not often a customer walks through your door and hands you an Italian glass statuette and tells you to create a 20 foot sculpture that resembles it but that was exactly our charge.  The first challenge was deciding how we would build the fish.  Once that was established we had to source "bends" and "elbows" large enough to accommodate the vision.  Oddly enough sewer pipe provided the answer and once the sections of pipe were in house the cutting and welding began.  A very exciting and challenging project the fish tested the talents of our fabricators as this was not something we did everyday. 

In order to give the sculpture longevity we decided to hot dip galvanize the fish then patinize it with vinegar.  The result was a silvery appearance that looked like it had been around for a while.  The project was installed at an upscale apartment complex and serves as the centerpiece of its courtyard.  Be sure to check out the photos in the "slideshow".

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